• Genre : Adventure
  • Broadcaster : France 2
  • Airing : 1980-1984
  • Duration : 90'
In "Treasure Hunt", a helicopter-hopping reporter races against time and odds around a country or region to help contestants miles away in a TV studio, to find treasures hidden in the country or region where he is.

"Treasure Hunt" is a very popular prime-time game show which ran on France 2 from 1980 to 1984 (108 weekly programmes in the four corner of the world).

The show was co-produced with 4 french-speaking television channels (Quebec, belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg). Episodes were also produced for the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway and Danemark), Spain and Italy.

In the UK, Channel 4 produced "Treasure Hunt" for 8 years (1981-1988). The show mixed a few episodes filmed on different continents and a certain number of episodes filmed in the UK. In 2003, BBC 2 aired 15 new episodes of the show.

Thanks to contemporary technological progress (Internet, GPS...), "Treasure Hunt" can now be produced with fat better picture and sound quality, while maintaining the principle which made it famous : interactivity and "Fake-live".

In France, "Treasure Hunt" stopped in 1984 following the death of the reporter of the show. ALP is now producing a spin-off of "Treasure Hunt" named "Treasure Map" ("La Carte aux Trésors"). The show is successfully on air on France 3 since 1996.