• Genre : Kids
  • Broadcaster : France 3
  • Airing : 1993-2002
  • Duration : 20'
"The Minichums" is a children puppet show which was a real phenomenom in France. The programme made France 3's children schedule very popular : in 9 years, no other children programme recorded such ratings.

"The Minichums", puppets aged of 10, brought the channel a signature, a strongly identifiable image of spontaneity, freshness and imagination. The audience appreciated the complicity between the characters, and their world.

"The Minichums" assets were its tone and its spirit, the rythm of its sketches, the colours of its set, its costumes, and also its sounds, voices, dialogues, music and sound effects.

During the week, with an audience share that sometimes topped 50% of the target group of 4 to 14 years old, "The Minichums" were the most widely watched children's programme, regularly beating out the other channels.
On weekends, the show drew an average audience share of 37% of 4 to 14 years old.

Moreover, the show generated strong licensing revenues, in particular with very successful CDs (original songs performed by the puppets) and videos. About 80 15-minutes mini-fictions are available as finished programmes. In these mini-fictions, "The Minichums" revisited the most popular tales, but also Hollywood's most famous movies ("James Bond", "Austin Powers", "Titanic"...), always with a great deal of humor.

In 2006 and 2007, the show is back on France 3 as the channel broadcasts several 26' 'Best of' programmes named "Minichums Generation".