• Genre : Entertainment
  • Broadcaster : France 3
  • Airing : 1987-1994 ; 2005
  • Duration : 26'
Fun and Laughter with the professor and his class as they show us their various talents throught sketches, impersonations, songs, and so on. A programme that also acts as a showcase for new and upcoming actors, singers and comedians.

"The Classroom" format was created by Guy Lux and Jacques Antoine in 1987. Almost 1.800 programmes were produced during 7 years for France 3, the french public broadcaster. At the time, it was the alternative programme broadcast at 8:00 PM while the other channels had the evening news (equivalent to the evening news at 6:30 PM in the US). The Show recorded outstanding 4+ market share, between 15% and 25%.

In "The Classroom" 2005, France 3 and ALP tried to stay as close as possible to the original format, which was simple, therefore, efficient in its impact. Choosing a very traditional classroom for the set was due to the success in France of both the movie "Les Choristes" and the TV show "That'll teach them !". It could also have been a modern classroom with computers and so on...The only difference was that each week, the new teacher, received a famous performer who used to be part of the original show.