• Genre : Drama
  • Broadcaster : France 2
  • Airing : Depuis 2007
  • Duration : 26'
  • Website
Broadcast on France 2, "Summer Crush" is a teen drama of 26 minutes episodes. The series has been shot in France and in the Pacific Ocean.

It's already been a year since Alex was dumped by his girlfriend Manon, but he still can't help thinking about her. Even his best friend Leo, a chronic womanizer, hasn't been able to cheer him up.
On his 18th birthday, Alex meets Alice, and they both fall in love at first sight. But the following day, a strange man approaches Alex with a strange warning : he is not to see Alice ever again. Alice suddenly disappears ; her appartment has been emptied and nobody seems to have ever heard about her. Alex decides to track her down, with the help o [removed][removed] f his friends Eva and Leo.
Their search takes them to New Caledonia. They arrive on the island with no money, but with the cash earned from various odd jobs, they are able to move into a Kanak hut. As they continue their search for Alice, our heroes are facing the region's fascinating local colour : the ranches of local cowboys ("Caldoches"), the villages of the local indigenous people ("Kanaks") and even breathtaking deserted coral atolls.

Filmed from a shoulder-held camera, this innovative and exotic adolescent road-movie is driven by the energy and spontaneity of its young cast. With authentic characters and gripping real-life stories, "Summer Crush" is a must-see viewing from start to finish !