• Genre : Kids
  • Broadcaster : France 3, Planète Juniors, TPS, TSR1, AB3, TV5 Monde, Vrac
  • Airing : 2006 ; 2008
  • Duration : 26'
  • Website
"Kids Quest" is a 2 seasons adventure game show in 10 episodes of 26 minutes. The programme is produced for 4 french speaking countries.

In France, it is aired on France 3, TPS, AB3, Vrac and Planète Juniors (Canal+ Group). A secret Society of Adventures challenges 8 boys and girls, aged of 12, native from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Québec. Their mission : find the Ecosphere, a mysterious object, hidden somewhere in New Caledonia (1st season) or Bali (2nd season) by a member of the Society. If they discover the Ecosphere, the adventurers will find the charter kept inside. By signing this charter, they will become not only members of the Society, but also guardians of a precious secret.

During an incredible 10 days quest, the adventurers will have to learn how to live in community and in the wilderness without the comfort they are used to.
Through gruelling physical challenges, they will discover the multiple landscapes of New Caledonia and Bali. Through enigmas, they will not only learn about the island's flora and fauna but also the history and the culture of its population.
Suspense grows right up until the final episode where the adventurers find out whether or not they have succeeded in the mission they have been given.