• Genre : Kids
  • Broadcaster : TeleTOON
  • Airing : Depuis 2008
  • Duration : 26'
  • Website
"Kids 20" is a 26 minutes music chart made for and by kids aged of 6 to 12.

Each week, the kids can select their 5 favourite songs on the "Kids 20" website, out of 50 preselected songs, and vote. This resolves in an every week unique "Kids 20" chart. Every week of the month, "Kids 20" is recorded in a primary school somewhere in France. When the host enters the class, the magic suddenly takes place !

The kids first start rebuilding of the classroom, then they move the tables and chairs so "Kids 20" set fits in the classroom. During the show, the host dances and talks with the kids about all kind of cool things like fashion, lifestyle, computer games, latest trends and of course the "Kids 20" chart.
A famous singer is invited to perform his or her latest song.

Broadcast on Teletoon, "Kids 20" is the french adaptation of CTM's "Kids Top 20" format, already produced in the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, and so on.