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  • Genre : Comedy Gameshow
  • Broadcaster : Canal+
  • Airing : 2010
  • Duration : 60'
  • Website

“Happy Hour“ is the first personalised game show in which every question and round is based on the life, the personality and the work of its 3 celebrity guests.

Across 4 hilarious and surprising rounds, the celebrities are whittled down until the winner remains, to receive a personal eulogy from the show’s comedian host.

In each show the host welcomes 3 guests. Each guest alternately faces 3 successive tests: “Is this Your Life ?“, “Crack The Track” and “The Hot Seat“.

The 2 celebrities who have scored most points by the end of Round 3 win a ticket to “The Finale“.

The winner gets their own personalised “Happy Hour“: an hilarious and wickedly grandiose eulogy delivered by our comedian host.