• Genre : Drama
  • Broadcaster : M6
  • Airing : 2004
  • Duration : 26'
"Finals" is a teen drama series aired on M6.

The story tells the exploit of a class of final year high-school students : gossip, love, lies, laughter and tears. But are they actors or real students ?

Screentime's "Finals" format was adapted in France to be broadcast on M6. The french name of the programme is "Ma Terminale". In fact, the series uses the basics of the so-called "Invinsible theatre" from the brazilian theatre maker Augusto Boal.
Contrary to a normal drama series, they did not start with a script, but with the casting of 16 actors and actresses who play pupils of a school class in their final year at school, before continuing either with an advanced study or a working career.
By extensive interviewing and dry runs, the production team created story lines during the shooting. The most important ones are autobiographic and straight from the lives of students.

In the first episode of "Finals", one of the pupils, Margot, asks the director of her school for permission to film her class during this final school year. She wants to use this project as an entrance examination for the film academy.
Although the filming and the reaction of the other students get her into trouble with the school management, she still manages to get permission to continue with her project. She registers everything, exam stress, internal differences, love affairs, and corny remarks during class, personal problems and ambitions.

All the situations in the series are based on the autobiographic experiences of actors themselves. In this way, « Finals » is a true to life report of the final school year of 16 students, which could have been filmed in any school in France.