• Genre : Adventure
  • Broadcaster : TF1
  • Airing : 2011
  • Duration : 110'
  • Website

Strong teamwork is the key to success as family teams are pitted against each other in this thrilling adventure game show.

Aired in prime time on TF1, French leading commercial channel, "Family Explorer" is a brand new concept – the first ever ‘family’ adventure game show.

For 20 days, five families of four camp out in the wilderness. They are united by a desire to maximise the prize fund, but only one family can pocket the cash. To win they must prove their family spirit through spectacular physical tests. 

Each losing family must send a member into ‘Exile’. The thrilling final challenge sees the remaining contestants race across the wilderness to reach a waiting helicopter with space for only 2 of the families.

The winners are announced during a dramatic live show after the audience at home has voted for its favourite family.