• Genre : Drama
  • Broadcaster : France Ô
  • Airing : 10 janvier 2013
  • Duration : 26'
  • Website
Laura Park, a young lady of 33, is forced to leave France in order to get back to her in-laws on the Island of Réunion. They seek to harm her by influencing her 17 year old son Jules. Like any protective mother she will resist, to defend herself, and use the same twisted methods as her in-laws. Her principal threat is Charles De Kervelec, Jules' paternal grand father. As a successful businessman his aim is to offer the best for grand son, teaching him family values yet at the same time pushing Jules away from his mother, giving him the taste for money so as to train him as his future successor. Charles De Kervelec won't be the only man in Laura's mind. She had given up on love but when she meet Adil Vila, a young man on the island, the joys and dilemas of love will come galloping back. But some ghosts from the past might change the game.

Series created by Bertrand COHEN, Euhénie DARD, Marie ROUSSIN and Stéphanie MEUNIER.