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c'est Grave docteur ?

  • Genre : Magazine
  • Broadcaster : TMC
  • Airing : 2012
  • Duration : 90'
  • Website

C’est grave docteur ? Where health meets well-being.

The show  is made up of a team of 3 professional doctors who provide efficient, often essential solutions to patients who suffer mild diseases, so as to improve their everyday life.

Pierre : The general practitioner has been an endocrinologist for over 20 years.

Nathalie : The general practitioner, works as a gynecologist and psychiatrist.

Joanna : The pharmaceutical doctor, interviens promptly and is on the field to promote health topics to a wide number of viewers.

Dealing with real patients problems be it skin conditions, depression, physical or sexual disfunctions

Our medical team always has the solution, giving advice and treatment that changes their life.